Stiilll pregnant! I went to the doctor on Monday afternoon because I thought perhaps my water had broken and when I talked to the nurse she said they could only tell for sure if I came in. So, I went and first they thought that it had (that was a crazy-feeling five minutes), but then determined that it hadn't. They double-checked just to be sure, and no amniotic fluid. That's a good thing though.

However, my blood pressure was high again and since I'm also starting to swell in my hands and feet, they were slightly concerned about pre-eclampsia. So, they sent me for some blood work to make sure I'm not getting really sick. And now I'm back on modified bed rest, which means I'm supposed to be a "couch potato." No more trying to walk myself into labor. Bah humbug! I have another appointment tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

maybe all that "checking" will speed things along :0) Looking forward to meeting the little one. -m