Halloween Photos

Honestly, I don't think we got a great picture all night because people were too spastic. Here are the best...
Pinking up Pinkie Pie

Eli looks fascinated by the process. I'm bummed that
we didn't think to get yellow paint for his face!

Pinkie Pie and Kai, the Red Ninja

We tried this photo half-a-dozen times, but we couldn't get
them both to stand still and smile at the same time!

Maybe they should be called Giggles and Captain Silly-Face.

This just makes me laugh. Doug's telling Papa Joe how to take the
photo, Lila's looking in completely the wrong direction, Eli is sick
of trying to get this photo, and who knows what I'm doing because
you can only see my eyeballs!

Grammie the Goddess and Brother Joe - Papa Joe's lookin' a little creepy here!

My pink daughter, stuffing her face with candy.

I couldn't even get Eli to look at the camera because he was so focused on his candy!

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Susan Jordan said...

I keep staring at the pictures of Lila. She doesn't even look like the same child! If I didn't know it was her I don't think I would have recognized her.