For in Him we live and move and exist... -- Acts 17:28

I created a Schoolhouse Rock station on my Pandora account and now I have The Preamble stuck in my head. Listening to Schoolhouse Rock songs is kind of like taking drugs. I find my eyes beginning to go out of focus and I just can't stop! Clearly these songs were used to brainwash children of the '70s.

Also while listening to this station, we learned a fun music history fact. The song Sugar, Sugar was a hit from The Archies, which was a fake TV show band - created by the same man who created The Monkees. I'm sure some of you (Mother) knew this, but I did not. Here's a bit more info:

Most '60s bubblegum groups were faceless studio concoctions, made up of hired professionals and given nominal group identities after the fact. The Archies made no pretense of being a real band in the first place -- their music, including the smash hit "Sugar, Sugar," was "performed" by the animated TV cartoon characters spun off from Archie comics. In reality, of course, they were a studio concoction made up of hired professionals (most notably lead singer Ron Dante), but in this case, they weren't technically faceless.

Somehow, I don't see any Fresh Beat Band songs hitting the pop charts...

On an entirely unrelated note, I miss Charlie.

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