Every bird that upward swings bears the cross upon its wing. -- J. Neale

It's a bad time of year to be a turkey! I was a little disturbed to walk through the Whole Foods meat department last week and see multiple freezers full of whole turkeys. I eat meat now and then, but I don't like when it still looks much the same as it did while alive.

{Ha! I just had a flashback to a time when I made a whole, uncooked chicken dance around and talk to my mother, just to freak her out.}

{Ha! And that reminded me of the summer when I worked in the deli at Food Lion -- in Myrtle Beach, SC -- and I would make the chickens put their "arms" around each other, after I lined them up on the rotisserie.}

{Huh. Apparently, I enjoy personifying dead poultry.}

Truth be told, I've never understood the obsession with turkey. I've never enjoyed eating it. Growing up, I think someone must have told me that I could only have dressing if I ate some turkey too. Over the years, that turned into the smallest possible sliver of turkey and about a quart of dressing.

Now that I'm (mostly) vegan, I don't have to bother with pretense. I'll walk right PAST the turkey and go for the dressing! Bwa ha ha ha ha!

There was a Pre-K Thanksgiving Feast at Veritas last week. That is a very grand title for what actually happened, but it was quite fun, nonetheless. I was confused by the choice of foods that we were asked to bring... until I found out that the kids voted on the menu. Then it all made sense.

I knew that Eli was not going to touch 95% of what was offered, so I made sure to pack a yogurt in his snack bag. Good thing too, or his lunch would have consisted solely of Lay's potato chips and a slice of Kraft American cheese. Thanksgiving Feast, indeed!

Absurdly cute Pre-K students

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