Cordelia typically spends her nights sleeping on one of the sofas downstairs. Last night, the cold drove her up to our room. I noticed her lurking in the shadows while I was brushing my teeth. The trip from the bathroom to the bed was made in total darkness because Doug was already asleep.

Black cat, wandering around in the dark = bad idea.

Pink human, wandering around in the dark = bad idea.

As I was passing the foot of my bed, I kicked the cat that I could not see. She, naturally, freaked out and ran - in the same direction I was going. She tried to jump up onto my bed, but missed. As she was falling back onto the floor, her claw snagged in a skirt that was hanging on the end of the bed.

So now she's on the floor, with one foot snagged on a skirt that's snagged on the bed frame. She can't get loose and she's freaking out. I tried to help her, but she thought I was attacking her ('cause, you know, I do that so often).

This caused her to freak out even more. I finally had to grab her, pick her up, and pin her to me, so that I could free her claw. I don't know how Doug slept through all this because I was telling her just what I thought of her intelligence level while it was happening.

When I put her down, she fled into the darkness. I crawled in bed, grumbling, and snuggled down for sleep. The next thing I know, Cordelia has returned and she's sitting between our heads and staring at me. I felt bad because she thought I was attacking her, so I gave her some head scratches.

I tried to ignore her and go to sleep then, but I noticed that her face was getting closer and closer to mine. Then she started trying to lick the mentholatum off my lips! I pushed her away, but she came back. I pushed her away again, but she came back again.

Freak cat.

In the end, I hid my face from her and she finally settled in and went to sleep. I really hope she decides to sleep downstairs tonight.

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