Children, obey your parents as you would the Lord, because this is right. -- Ephesians 6:1

I've had more rational conversations with Gypsy!
Am I the only one whose kids think that everything is open to negotiation?
Me: "Okay guys, it's bath time!"
Child: "No!"
Me: "That wasn't a question."

Child: "What do I have to eat [from my dinner plate] to get more bread?"
Doug: "Everything."
Child: "The salad?"
Doug: "Everything."
Child: "The peanuts?"
Doug: "Everything."

Me: "Would you like a sandwich or yogurt in your lunch bag today?"
Child: "What else have we got?"
Me: "I'm TELLING you what we've got. Sandwich or yogurt. Which would you like?"
Child: "Do we have any mac & cheese?"

Child: "Can we go to Locomotion today?"
Doug: "No, we don't have time."
Child: "Please?"
Doug: "Nope. Sorry!"
Child: "Please?"
Doug: "I have already given you an answer. Please don't ask again."
Child: "Please?"

Me: "Okay, Buddy! It's time to go pick Lila up from school."
Eli: "Can I just finish dis?"
Me: "You'll have to finish it when we get home. It's time for us to leave."
Eli: "Just a few more minutes!"
Me: "Put the Legos down. Put your shoes on. It's time to go."
Eli: "I don't want to go!"
Me: "Well, we can't just leave your sister at school."
Eli: "Why not?"

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