Look at that sweet smile!
"I am profitably engaged in reading the Bible. Take all of this book upon reason that you can and the balance by faith, and you will live and die a better man." -- Abraham Lincoln

We have had a great weekend. For the first time in weeks, it did not feel rushed or over-scheduled.

Things got off to a promising start on Friday, when we finally caught up on school work. We've been operating about a half-day behind for the past two weeks or so. (On Lila's work, that is. Eli's is very easily finished in a day.) I didn't realize the low-level stress that it had been causing until we finished our last assignment and I felt so light and free! Hopefully, Lila won't have any homeschool meltdowns this week so that we can stay caught up!

One unfortunate blemish on the weekend was the night that Eli spent vomiting. I don't know if his poor belly had dairy too many times in a row or if he caught some kind of stomach bug. It can't have been the food he had for dinner because he and Lila shared the same pizza at Brick Oven and she was totally fine. Thankfully, it only lasted through one night and he was back to normal by mid-morning on Saturday!

INTERMISSION -- Pause while I go put these fruitcakes to bed.

After the night of sickness, I declared the Vomit Rule to be in effect. Nobody touches anybody for 24 hours. Lila, of course, took that as a challenge. She had to try and touch me as many times as possible. As I recall, she finally stopped after I thumped her in the middle of the forehead. Goofball.

Saturday was filled with chores and playtime, movie night and football. I made Tempeh Hash for dinner, which sounds the opposite of tasty, but turned out to be quite delicious! My handy chopping tool broke in the middle of chopping an onion for the dish, so I had to finish by hand. Onions and I don't get along very well. My eyes were burning so badly that I couldn't keep them open and I had to stop chopping repeatedly.

That, in turn, set off an Almighty Allergy Attack, the likes of which I haven't experienced in over a year. Doug finally got tired of hearing my violent sneezes and tactfully suggested that I take some allergy medicine. It's probably best that I was both distracted by snot and groggy from Claritin, otherwise I would have woken the kids with yelling at the Longhorns during that annoying football game!

Actually, the kids were so tired from their poor sleep on Friday night and so NOT interested in watching football, that they put themselves to bed. Early. It was bizarre.

You know, I started off by saying that this was a great weekend and now I'm describing all these things that do not sound so fun. These just happen to be the most interesting parts of the weekend! We also played games, went for walks, got good exercise, laughed and joked, went to church, had naps, and had a great discussion at small group. All-in-all, it was fun and relaxing. I, for one, feel recharged and ready to enter the busyness of the week tomorrow morning!

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