Woe to the land that's govern'd by a child! -- William Shakespeare, William III

The 2nd Grade History Project for the first trimester was to create a family or personal Coat of Arms. The kids had to design and make a large shield with their coat of arms on it and then do a class presentation, explaining the meaning behind the symbols and colors they chose. Lila did a great job! She received top marks for her work and I'm very proud of her!

Lila Peeler - Coat of Arms

The shape of shield that Lila chose is called a LOZENGE and was the type typically carried by women, as they did not use their shields to protect themselves.

The stripe across the middle is referred to as a BEND and it stands for God's protection. The GOLDen color of the stripe stands for generosity.

Lila chose ORANGE as her main color. Orange stands for worthy ambition, which she understands as "a desire for something valuable."

The MERMAID, which Lila drew herself, symbolizes eloquence. Truly, I've seldom met a more well-spoken 8-year-old.

The LUPINE (flower) symbolizes imagination.

I'd say she designed a coat of arms that represents who she is quite well! I really just guided her in research and understanding the meanings behind the multitude of design options. She made all the decisions herself, and she did all the drawing and painting. I only helped a bit with getting a symmetrical shield shape and stripe.

This project was 300% better than the stupid body project mommy she had to do last year!

(Why the Shakespeare quote? . . . I dunno. Just seemed appropriate somehow.)

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