My joy is in God all the day. -- Thomas Dilworth

You know, I've always thought of Doug as a great father. He has made his family to be a higher priority in life than his job. He laughs and plays with the kids. He instructs them in the way they should go.

This past weekend, the kids spent most of their Saturday morning in the back yard, with Doug. Two things happened during that time, which have caused me to QUESTION my belief in him.

1. I was upstairs, folding laundry. Lila showed up in the bedroom doorway. With dirty knees and a gleam in her eye, she said, "I can use an axe!" Then she proudly walked away, presumably to chop something to bits.

I wondered if I ought not check to be sure that no family members were missing.

2. Later in the morning, I was back downstairs. I decided to visit the back yard and find out what my family was up to. I came out to find my 5-year-old using a pick-axe. He was attempting to break into an acorn with it.

I'm not the most cautious parent. (Confession: My children are currently playing by themselves in the front yard, in the dark.) All the same, I'm really not sure these people should be left alone together anymore.

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