I feel that my posts have been lacking in style lately. Unfortunately, I am sick sicky sick today, so I won't be making up for it in this post. Instead, I offer you photos of what I did with Lila yesterday afternoon to keep us occupied - dress up! I needed something that would entertain her without requiring much effort on my part. It worked. And now I must go to bed becuase I feel YUCKY!


Lila's Mammaw said...

I'm glad to hear (from your next blog) that you're feeling better. That's the only thing I don't like about springtime. The allergies!

Lila reminds me of Cinderella in that outfit. Back at home after the ball, in her cleaning clothes, but with her party slippers still on. This must have been after they discovered that the slipper fit her. See? I told you she really was a princess!

It amazes me how much I love that child. I wish I lived closer to her so I could spend more time with her, and you and Doug, and maybe even Irene and Joe. I think that would be fun. Maybe some weekend Irene and I can come over at the same time. I can handle it if she can.

Love to you all!

irene peeler said...

Yes! Irene would love it! It would be fun playing with our little princess......when I saw the picture I thought of my Hungarian grandmother wearing her babushka and apron. It's a very Eastern European look, Lila!

love you 3 (+ 2 kitties and 1 hedgehog)