Lila Stats

Number One way to tell that Lila needs to go to bed: She is in the living room, wearing nothing but a diaper, holding a pancake up in the air with one hand, running around in circles, and making high-pitched hooting noises.

Number of times Lila has been soaking wet today: 2
Number of baths she's had: 1
Number of times she ran through a fountain in 70 degree weather until she was dripping from top to bottom: 1
Number of other mothers who walked by and gave me "What kind of mother are you?" looks: 5
Number of children who watched enviously as Lila ran gleefully around in her soggy shoes: 5
Number of extra outfits I had with me: 0
Number of times I stripped Lila down in public and wrapped her in a blanket: 1
Amount of fun she had: too much to measure!


michele said...

sounds like she had fun. I think you are a great mother for letting your kid be a kid! I loved all the carzy stuff my mom let us do as kids and its fun seeing what she's doing with Kayli (neice) now.

Erin said...

Sounds like the signs of a great mom to me.