Hedgehog Grooming

Hurley before having his feet washed and his claws trimmed.

Hurley after having his feet washed and his claws trimmed.

I don't think he enjoyed it.

This adorable little creature also found his way into my pantleg this evening and climbed up to just below my knee before I could do anything about it. I ended up having to lay in the floor and very carefully remove my jeans to get him out. The boy is obsessed with getting inside my clothes! He climbs into my shirt at every given opportunity, but that's not as bad. There are multiple ways into and out of my shirt and most of them don't involve pain.

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Lila's Mammaw said...

I would trade you Maggie, Bosco, Elvys and all but her solid white kitten, Greg and Frank for Hurley! If I get them together now while they are still both young I think they can bond so let's hurry and seal the deal!