The Bunny

We went to a Bunny Trail Bonanza Egg Hunt this morning with some friends and Lila had a blast. Much to my surprise, she was not afraid of this giant bunny. (I've always thought the Easter Bunny was kind of dumb - sorry! - so I didn't call him that, I just said it was a person dressed like a bunny. Honestly, I think that's got to be a less scary prospect than a giant bipedal rabbit whose face doesn't move anyway!) In fact, she wanted to stay in his lap after the picture and I had to explain that other kids wanted to sit in his lap too. :)

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Lila's Mammaw said...

I'm sorry to hear you've been having a rough time emotionally lately. I tried to send you an email last night but I guess I took too long and the computer wouldn't let it go through. Hope things will be better soon.

I LOVED Lila's Easter pictures! Where did you get the outfit?

I'm glad to hear she wasn't afraid of the bunny. She's a lot like you were when you were her age.