Movie Review

I did my monthly Late Night Movie run on Friday. After last month's lame-o movie, I was a little concerned about what I was getting myself into this time. But I went and I got a ticket to the latest show, no matter what it was, as always. This time it was 'Meet the Robinsons' - a computer-animated Disney flick. I had seen the previews for it and I wasn't too excited, especially since it is a Disney movie and I haven't liked most of the things they've put out in the past few years.

This one was really good though! It had a predictable, but fun story with loveable characters and a clear moral that I could agree with. The humor was great and did not involved farting or other such bodily functions. I give it a 10 and recommend seeing it as soon as you can. Take your kids. Take your neighbor. Take your dog!

Disclaimer: I realize that I just raved about this movie, but if you do go see it, please try to go in with no expectations. I don't want to be responsible for building the movie up in your head and then having it not live up to your expectations. I've had that happen to me too many times. Like with 'The Breakup,' for example. Everyone I talked to seemed to love it. I hated it.

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She looks just like Mackenzie in this pic!