Nummy Goop

We're passing some sort of yuckiness around between us this week. Doug has been mildly sick for the past few days and I woke up with it this morning. It's not bad enough for me to ask Doug to stay home from work to help me... just bad enough that I don't feel like moving or opening my eyes. Oh well. Hopefully Lila won't get sick! There were, however, two things that happened this afternoon to make my day complete.

The first was Easy Reader. Last week, I bought 'The Best of The Best of The Electric Company' on DVD. I didn't really expect Lila to like it yet, but I wanted to get it for my own amusement. She does like it, however, so we watched half an episode over the weekend and the other half while we waited for Doug to get home from work today. The crowning moment was watching the Easy Reader skit. Share my joy by going here: The Electric Company.

The other thing was what Lila said during dinner. We had Cheesy Cauliflower Soup, which was quite yummy. Lila usually refuses to taste anything we are eating for dinner, but this time she asked for a bite of my soup and then liked it so much that she wanted her own bowl. We set her up in her chair with a bowl of soup and I asked, "Is that yummy soup?" Her reply was, "Nummy goop!"

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Lila's Mammaw said...

I used to watch The Electric Company with Lori when she was little, or was that you. She and I would watch Sesame Street and Zoom, and I know that you and I watched Sesame Street but I don't remember whether the Electric Company was from her childhood or yours. That show is one of the reasons I have always liked that actor, though.