Hedgie Birthday to Me!

Okay, I'm back. Just like I promised. :) To clarify, I did not give Hurley a full-on tub bath. What I did was get a bowl of warm water and an old toothbrush and gave him a Dip 'N' Brush bath. He seemed okay with it until I started trying to clean his diry little feet. That he did not appreciate. Afterward, to make sure he stayed warm, I held him for a long time, all wrapped up in a towel.

It's been a bit of a big day for Hurley, actually. He had a follow-up appointment with the Hedgehog Doctor this morning. He did wonderfully (only tried to curl up in a ball once) and they said he's looking good and gaining weight. While we were at the vet's office, the little Silly bit me! It was not an aggressive bite - I think he liked the way my lotion smelled/tasted - but it still broke the skin!

Doug is taking the day off work for my birthday tomorrow, partly because I will be gone for the rest of the weekend. The Gateway Women's Retreat is tomorrow evening through Sunday morning and I'm so excited! I'm heading out tomorrow afternoon with two of my good friends. Doug, Lila and I will have our family fun and celebrate my birthday before that. I do love birthdays...

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