"Little ones to Him belong. They are weak, but He is strong." -- Anna Warner

This kind of crazy happens even WITHOUT sugar!
Whew! The Christmas season is crazy! The kids were total nut jobs by the time we got home from Dallas, but they had a great time. We learned a valuable lesson during the drive back to Austin. Do not load your children up with sugar in the middle of a road trip.

Seems obvious doesn't it?

Doug gave the kids an Icee to share, and before they even finished the thing, it sounded like we had a couple of baboons in the back seat! Things were getting so out-of-hand that we had to take the last bit of it away from them. They were so jacked up that they didn't even care.

My favorite moment was when I had to utter the words: "Lila, PUT your skirt back on!"

We ended up taking possession of her skirt as well. She put it back on when told to, but it was off again a few minutes later and Eli kept stealing it from her. That was also around the time that we told them they could only speak in a whisper (because they kept getting so loud).

In the last ten minutes of the drive, we finally told them to stop making noise altogether. That didn't work. We were originally planning to have dinner out once we got home, but there was no way we could take those people out in public!

We picked up Cordy from the vet (had her boarded there while we were gone), picked up dinner from Bombay Bistro, and went home. I think Doug developed several more grey hairs, but we all survived the trip with no yelling or violence.

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