But I’ve left the past in God’s keeping, - the future His mercy shall clear,
And what looks dark in the distance may brighten as I draw near.
-- Mary G. Brainard

I just finished hanging real Fraser Fir garland on the stair rail and I have two words for you:

1. Needles - I'm going to be vacuuming a lot, aren't I?

2. Sap - You remember that scene in Christmas Vacation, where everything is sticking to Clark's hands because they're covered in tree sap? Well, I'm there.

Doug and the kids moved our tree into the corner and put the lights on. Once I finished with the garland, Doug ran lights up along the rail too. It all looks very pretty and festive. We're taking the decorating in baby steps.

That's due in large part to necessity and in small part to strategy. I find that I feel a lot less Grinch-y about decorating when it's NOT a big ordeal. A little here and a little there. The un-decorating will happen the same way.

I love the Christmas season! Music and movies and trying to find just the right gift for each person. Pouring out adoration to God for his Most Perfect Gift. And somehow, it all makes me think of snow, even though I live in central Texas.

My Grinch-y-ness is directed at the decorations - a multitude of pointless little knick-knacks - and the excess that most of the U.S. wallows around in. Give me one tree (with lights and a few shiny balls), one nativity scene (not involving cartoon characters), and a set of Advent candles, and I'm a happy girl.

I still haven't forgiven my husband for buying that obnoxious inflatable Peanuts abomination for the front yard.

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