"...'tis better to be alone than in bad company." -- George Washington

I'm in a quiet house this evening. Doug is running sound at church on Sunday, so he is at band practice. The kids and I watched Robin Hood and now they've gone peacefully off to bed. Eli wanted me to sing Jingle Bells at bedtime, so I sang it as soothingly as possible.

I'm not sure he was entirely satisfied with my rendition, but he didn't complain. This time.

While I have not had the Grumpy McWhiny Syndrome this week, I have had a bit of trouble getting back into the swing of things. The laundry is piled up higher than it's been in months and my motivation to take care of basic daily routines has been nearly non-existent.

BUT, I forced myself back onto the horse today. I made phone calls that I did not want to make. I prepared for tomorrow's home school day. I made it through all daily tasks. And I'm chipping away at the laundry. I know it will be back under control in a few days.

Watching a movie with the kids this evening was a bit of a gift to myself. In Doug's absence, I wanted an easy time. I didn't have a great deal of mental space left over for answering questions or refereeing fist fights. There will be plenty of that again tomorrow.

Lila's class (along with the rest of second grade) went on a cool field trip today. The kids have been earning and saving extra money for a couple of weeks and they brought it all in to school on Monday. The total for the grade - roughly 30 to 40 kids - was something over $500.

Today, they took the money to HEB and bought food with it. From there, they took the food to the Capital Area Food Bank and donated it, along with the rest of the money. Then they got to tour the food bank and hear all about what they do there.

They finished up with a picnic in the park. Sounds PEACEFUL, doesn't it?

Eli's day, it would seem, was far less pleasing. The day started with an Honor Assembly and all he could tell me about that was how he couldn't remember anything they said because there was too much talking. He also felt that the whole class was too rowdy today because they kept bumping into him.


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Susan Jordan said...

I hope you enjoyed your quiet time. That is so cool about Lila's class saving the money for the food bank. She should be very proud of herself and her classmates.
Loved the school pictures, by the way. Especially liked Eli's comment. He's so cute!