Eli who?

There has been more and more focus lately on preparing for Eli's arrival. Well, that has been the focus inside my head anyway. I think Lila is starting to feel the stress of that herself, though I doubt she really understands the source of it. She woke up last night with a bad dream and came into our room with the most pitiful request I've ever heard...

"Keep me safe. Keep me safe."

After crawling in bed with us for awhile, she was able to go back to her own bed and finish sleeping without incident. [Side note: This morning, we asked her what her bad dream was about and she said she opened a box and a pile of frogs came out. Then one of the frogs bit her. Nearly all of her bad dreams have been about some sort of unusual animal biting her, poor girl.]

This morning, when I told her that we were going to BSF, she declared that she doesn't like BSF. She has said this before, but she has also told me that she's excited about going and I know that she nearly always enjoys it once we get there. Anyway, we went. When I was picking her up after class, one of the teachers commented that she seemed to be having an "off" day.

At that point, I decided to ditch the ideas I'd had for last-minute baby-stuff shopping this afternoon. We have just spent the day at home and I have made sure to give her the amount of focused attention that she is used to. It may not make an immediate difference in her attitude, but at least I know that I am doing what I can to keep her world normal in the midst of this crazy-making anticipation!

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This is such a precious picture!

love from Grammie