Where is your head?!?

It's ironic that I was just mentioning Eli's position yesterday. I had an appointment with my doctor today and found out that he is, in fact, breech. Frank breech, to be specific, which means that he's presenting booty first, with his feet up by his head. It was all a little funny because the doctor couldn't find his head and had to get the ultrasound machine to determine his position. And yes, I'll admit, I did experience a moment of paranoia that perhaps my son no longer had a head. Thankfully, he does.

All this time, I've been accusing him of trying to push his way out through my right-side ribcage, but I think I've had it all wrong. He actually knows where the exit is and is trying his best to stay away from it! Sorry kid, but you've got to come out eventually.

The photos I posted yesterday and today are of Lila and Jace Reed, son of our friends Chip and Sara. Jace is a few months old and has been instrumental in getting Lila more excited about Eli's arrival. She loves to hold him and give him his pacifier and his bottle, etc. Let's hope she likes her brother this much!

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