Get Out!

Eli, my darling son, is being very mean to me this week. I had a lot of pain in my lower back -- really my whole lower body -- last Thursday evening and Friday morning. I didn't know what he was up to at the time, but I have since discovered that the pain was because he was on the move. He has moved down lower, which is a good sign that he'll be ready to join us sometime soon.

However, "lower" is not a remotely comfortable place for Eli to be. There are times when it feels like his head is resting directly on my pubic bone. And there is now, officially, no room for my bladder. Needing to go to the potty is a constant state of being, rather than an occasional sensation. The real irony is that somehow, even though his head is lower in my body, he's still managing to stick his feet in my ribs. Go figure.

Oh well. I just finished up meeting with the neighborhood women's bible study that I started recently and we're studying forgiveness. I can practice by forgiving my son for the mental and emotional anguish that he is causing me by continuing to live inside my body.

I have to go potty now.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! We just said hid and goodbye!
Hope your pain goes away!

You look pretty in pink, Lila!

love and hugs from Grammie