Sweet & Funny Things That Lila Said Today

1. Lila and I were outside, having just finished blowing bubbles, watching a little lizard, and having our Bible Time. I was pushing her on the swing and she said, "You're always fun to play with and you're always fun to read Bible stories with." Aww... thanks! And here I thought I was the boring parent.

2. Lila was in our bathtub, playing with a stuffed mouse named 'Mousie'. She was holding Mousie and talking to him when I walked into the room. She looked up and said (to Mousie), "Here's my friend, Mommy!" It's always nice to be introduced as a friend.

3. Lila was still in our bathtub, now playing with Mousie and a rain stick. The rain stick was Mousie's daddy, apparently. This is what I heard, "You're tall! How tall are you, Daddy? -- I'm 6 4 8. -- Wow! 6 4 8!" I don't know what sort of measurement 6 4 8 is, but it sounds tall to me!

4. This afternoon, I heard Lila telling someone that they were getting a timeout. I asked her who was getting the timeout and she said it was Piggy. I asked what Piggy had done to get timeout and she said, "He was hitting Cordy, a lot." Is that so? Where's the cat...?

As a bonus, here's a funny one from Easter morning. We had just gone out on the back porch to look for eggs and Lila walked past one without seeing it. After she'd found the others on the porch, we started trying to give her clues to where the missing one was before we moved on to the lawn. The egg was right next to the little Snoopy statue that's on the porch, so Doug said, "I think Snoopy knows where the other egg is. Why don't you go ask him?" Lila walked to that side of the porch, leaned over and looked at Snoopy, and said, "He's not talking."

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renee said...

again, as amusing as ever.