This Old House

We've already had an exciting day around here. For those who don't know, my mother's father, Dorsey Elmer Jordan, Jr., died a few weeks ago. He was always wonderful at building things, and when I was a little girl he built a play house for me. It's a fantastic little house - doors and windows that open and close, shingled roof, paneled walls, and it's even wired to have electricity run to it!

After Grandad died, I asked to have the play house moved from his backyard (in the dallas area) to mine. Besides the fact that it's very special to me, I now have my own little girl who will love playing in there as much as I did. My step-father, Frank, graciously offered to round up a few friends, load the house, drive it to Austin, and move it into our backyard.

Well, today was the day! After lots of pre-work by Doug (to prepare the area where it would be sitting), and lots of moving and grunting and making the women-folk nervous by Frank, Doug, and three other men, the play house is in our backyard! As soon as Lila wakes up from her nap, we will be out there, giving it a good cleaning and moving some of her little furniture into it. I'm so excited (for both of us)!


michele said...

sounds like a cool house. Can't wait to see it!

irene peeler said...

It sounds like Grammie will be able to actually fot amd play in it!


Becky Laswell said...

This sounds fantastic! I'm sure Lila (and you) will enjoy it.

I have a doll house which my uncle made me when I was a kid. Not nearly this elaborate, but it's still really fun to have hand-made items from family members.