Our Last Week

Finally, some new photos of Lila to post! I go through phases where I take pictures like crazy and other times where it barely crosses my mind. When I finally ran out of recent photos and had to go back to Easter, I decided it was time to be intentional about getting some new ones. Anyway, here is a picture of my cutie in her new (to us) car! Thank you, Grandaddy!

I'm 38 weeks pregnant now and I had my last appointment with the doctor today! The next time I see her it will be for my c-section - woah! Eli should be really plumped up and weigh about 6.8 lbs. I've had a couple of very brief ultrasounds lately to check his position and you can tell that he's much fatter and crowded looking in there. He's over 19.5 inches long (like a leek). Soon, we'll know his exact size!

I'm so excited to hold Eli and actually see him and watch him move instead of just feeling him move and speculating about what he looks like. I can't wait to touch those little hands and feet! Ack! His organs are all mature and he's ready for life outside the womb. I would love to know what (besides God) tells your body when it's finally time for labor to start... :)


Rachel said...

I'm so excited for you all!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see you the day BEFORE Eli arrives ;o) I will be taking pictures of before and after!

love from the other Mrs. Peeler