I still haven't gotten a photo of the play house that I'm satisfied with, but this one will do for now. As you can tell by the vacuums and mop buckets on the porch, it needed/still needs a bit of cleaning up. We had a rug in our garage (from the old house) that was just about the right size, so Doug trimmed it and laid it in the play house as a carpet. Much better than the 25-year-old floor underneath!

Did you ever have one of those Barbies that could be pregnant? She had a plastic belly that snapped onto her body (with a little plastic baby inside) and when you were done with that, you just snapped it off and her perfect flat belly was underneath. Aside from the obvious lure of the instantly flat stomach, I so wish that I could just pop this belly off sometimes and give my back a rest!

To brag a little, Lila did a spectacular job at swim class this morning! She can swim all the way across the pool (width, not length) without any help. That's 12 seconds of holding her breath and swimming with her face in the water! I don't even like to get my face wet. This kid is amazing!

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