My mind is a-spinnin' this evening with deep thoughts, but I'll try to keep my post coherent and under control. For starters, I'm feeling much much better this evening. I'm tired and my neck is stiff and sore, but I'm otherwise back to normal - mostly. Lila is improving too. She is still exhibiting severe symptoms of insanity, but we're beginning to see brief glimpses of the child that we remember.

I have felt, lately, that God is taking my ways of thinking and turning them inside out. As I said to some friends recently: The more I get to know people who are different from me, the more I realize that I don't know nearly as much as I thought I did. Truth is absolute. I believe that. And you would think that if something is absolute, then it's easy to understand, right?

But that's where the inside out is happening. Truth is unchanging and yet ever-changing. Truth is so deeply... true that it's hard to keep hold of. You think you have an understanding of something and then it changes shape, just a little bit. The substance doesn't change and the source doesn't change, but the way it looks is just a bit different. It's a very mind-bendy experience.

I wish I could express this better, but it's not happening this evening. I think I'll go watch Doug play video games instead. That I can understand! :o)~

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