Lila bit my finger today. She bit it so hard that the whole tip of my finger was numb for half an hour! To be fair, I did stick it in her mouth...

She has been an absolute nutcase since sometime yesterday afternoon. I really think that she is teething and I was trying to get a look at her gums when this happened. She was too squirmy and tight-lipped for me to just peek in and see them, so I stuck my finger in her mouth to feel for teeth under the skin or swollen spots. I have done this many many times in her life. But that, apparently, was before she had molars.

She clamped down on my finger like a bulldog and I couldn't get it out until she let go. I still, seven hours later, have a tender red mark on the tip of my finger. OK. Lesson learned. :)

Doug and I got massages this afternoon. Instead of getting Valentine gifts for each other, that's what we did. We got a babysitter for a few hours and went out for massages and an early dinner. A very nice celebration indeed!

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