Well, Lila is still a bit pitiful and extra sleepy today, but she hasn't had a fever in about 36 hours and hasn't vomited in almost that long, so she does seem to be getting better. Hopefully she'll be okay at daycare in the morning!

The weather has been so beautiful for the past couple of days that I've had all the windows open. It feels and smells so nice to have fresh air blowing through the house! It's also making the kitties a little insane. They always get jazzed by fresh air and this is the first time they've gotten any in months!

Charlie tried to start a fight with a big orange cat through the window screen yesterday. Today, Cordy tried to attack a bird through the glass part of the window. They just get so excited sometimes... :) And while we're talking about kitties, Lila has decided that she is the Kitty Enforcer. If she sees one of them doing anything that she feels they shouldn't be doing (like sniffing her toys or breathing the wrong air), she starts saying, "No! No! No!"

I've been trying to explain to her that we don't fuss at the kitties when they aren't doing anything wrong, but that's not working because she obviously feels that they are doing something wrong. Now I've moved on to telling her that it is not her responsibility to tell the kitties 'no'. [sigh] Poor kitties...

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