Potty Time

Lila has been doing some very amusing things lately related to her potty habits. The three of us were in Dallas this weekend and we went to my mom's on Sunday. My mom, my cousin, and I (or some combination of family members) were hanging out in my mom's room. Lila came wandering in with the box of baby wipes from the diaper bag. I don't remember what, if anything, she said, but I took the box away from her - she has a tendency to pull all the wipes out and fling them about - and told her she could have one wipe. So I pulled one out, gave it to her, and put the box back in the diaper bag.

A few minutes later, she comes wandering back into the room with a diaper that she has pulled out of the bag, saying, "Byepur? Byepur?" She then lay down on the bedroom floor and started trying to put the diaper on herself. When that met with very little success, she gave up and just lay limply on the floor. I, thinking that I'm just humoring her, asked her if she'd like me to change her diaper. And then I felt so bad because she had a big load in her drawers!

We had just changed her not long before and I didn't smell anything. Poor kid! She's trying, in not-so-subtle ways, to let me know that she needs a clean diaper and I'm just not getting the hint! Oh well. It made for a funny story. :)

Today, she followed me into the bathroom, as she nearly always does, and sat down on her little potty while I was on the big one. When she saw me getting toilet paper, she wanted some too [she points to the toilet paper and says 'nose' - she's a bit confused, but we get the idea] so I pulled off a couple of squares and gave them to her. She first gave her nose a quick blow and wipe and then started pretending to wipe her bottom with the paper. It was very funny!

She's been showing other signs of awareness of those functions, so she's on track for potty-training readiness. I'm not in any hurry though and have no intention of trying to potty train her for several more months (unless she just up and trains herself, which i wouldn't put past her).

Okay, I'm very sleepy and I'm not sure this is making a lot of sense, plus LOST is about to start, so I have to go now...

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