Sick and Sicker

Well, Lila is s-l-o-w-l-y getting better, but now it's my turn to be sick. Yesterday was a rough one for all of us. Everyone got up early to get ready for work and BSF and daycare... and then everything fell apart. I ended up being overcome by nausea and all that goes with it. After about 15 minutes of torture, I climbed back in bed and fell asleep.

Doug woke me up at 8:15ish to tell me that he was leaving for work and Lila was already back in bed! She had been awake for a whopping 45 minutes before she started asking for "nigh'-nigh'". So Doug left and I went back to sleep until Lila woke up again at 9 a.m. At this point, I felt a bit weary, but otherwise okay. Lila seemed to feel the same and we suffered through another 45 minutes where Lila kept demanding "up? up?!?" while I calmly explained (over and over again) that she could sit in my lap or I would rock her or I would play with her, but I was not going to walk all around the house and carry her.

She then decided that she wanted another nap! Okay, this time she goes down and stays asleep for an hour and a half. Just before she woke up, I started feeling supremely nauseauted again. I couldn't even sit upright without feeling like I was going to be sick, so I had to page Doug out of a work lunch and beg him to come home. This he did, very graciously -- I love you, Sweetie!

The rest of the day was spent with me laying ill on the couch and Doug having the same endless conversation with Lila that I'd been having with her. Ugh.

Today I felt better, but not well enough to take care of Lila (because standing up and/or moving still did not agree with me), so Doug stayed home again. The good news is that Lila followed a relatively normal waking and sleeping schedule and was actually content to play with her toys for short periods of time, rather than following Doug around, "up"ing him to death.

I really really hope and pray that tomorrow is even better and that Doug will be able to go back to the office!

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ellenbo said...

oh, that sounds AWFUL!! i'm glad y'all are slowly on the mend...