Insanity and Ghosts

Lila turned into a real toddler overnight this weekend. On Thursday, I had my normal, laidback child. On Friday, I had a crazy monkey girl who would ask for food, then not eat it and throw screaming fits over anything she didn't like. We've considered every possibility from overstimulation (things have been pretty busy lately) to teething to constipation.

Really, all those things are still possible. But it's also possible that this is just a new phase. The weekend was exhausting and tumultuous, but today has been... better. Lila is just waking up from a nap, so we'll see how snack time goes. :)

I did another of my late-night movie adventures on Saturday. This time I saw 'The Messengers.' It wasn't the best movie I've ever seen, but I liked it. It scared me without being too gorey. In fact, it scared me so bad that I kept checking my rearview mirror all the way home from the theater because I was afraid someone was going to jump out of my backseat and grab me! If you like slightly formulaic ghost movies along the lines of Amityville Horror (only much better), then see this one.

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nayray said...

so you saw it! i really want to, in fact i plan to this weekend. that's it i am off to the okay but scary movie. i feel you on the toddler "stage". she's so precious!