20 Things I Think You Should Know About My Guinea Pig:

1. Her name is Gypsy.

2. I have approximately 2 dozen nicknames for her.

3. She's really freaking cute. She's basically a furry potato with legs.

4. She likes to be held and played with, but hates to be picked up. Figure that one out.

5. She thinks that the sound of a spoon tapping on the side of a bowl means that she should get fresh hay. (Seriously.)

6. She thinks that the arrival of any human through the front door means that she should get fresh veggies.

7. She thinks that the TV being turned off means that she should get some bonus veggies.

8. When she wants something, she says, "Weet! Weet! WEET! WEEEET!"

9. She likes to lay on my chest and snuggle.

10. She likes to stick her nose up my nose. I have no idea why.

11. I allow her to lick my face. I draw the line at letting her lick my lips.

12. Lila is better than me at catching her and taking her out of the cage.

13. She thinks that hair, buttons, necklaces, bows, and rings are all things which should be bitten.

14. I speak to her in excessively nauseating baby talk.

15. She has no idea of her place on the food chain. She likes to bite Cookie's tail and attempt to pull fur from his neck.

16. She once pulled a hair out of my eyebrow. It hurt.

17. She does NOT approve of guinea pig clothes.

18. She's convinced that everyone in the world is out to steal her baby carrots.

19. She has one white paw, which we refer to as The White Paw of Cuteness.

20. Doug thinks she's cute, but he's secretly afraid of her.

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