"You took the good things for granted. Now you must earn them again. For every right that you cherish, you have a duty which you must fulfill. For every good which you wish to preserve, you will have to sacrifice your comfort and your ease. There is nothing for nothing any longer." -- Walter Lippmann

Things I Take for Granted:

1. My husband. Doug is a freaking awesome husband (and man in general).

He is honest. I never have to wonder whether he's telling me the truth.

He wants to communicate. He may not always be aware of what he's feeling, but he's always willing to talk about what's going on in both of our lives.

When I talk, he really listens. I never feel like I have to get emotional or loud to be heard.

He respects me. Does a little superiority slip out every now and then? Yes. (uh, me too.) But he is never intentionally unsupportive.

Sometimes I'm foolish enough to think that he's not a romantic person. However, if I stop to think about what his primary way of giving and receiving love is - acts of service - I realize that he is pouring his love out to me all day long!

Sex. That's all I'll say.

A perfect example of Doug's gift-giving. I saw this painting
at an art show and loved it. I had no idea he'd secretly gotten
it for me until Christmas morning!
He knows that I love gifts and he does a great job of choosing things that he knows I'll like. If we're out window shopping (or browsing online, or watching TV commercials, etc.) he pays attention when I show an interest in something.

If I ask for a different kind of gift - compliments, time, a phone call - he will do whatever he can to give that thing. He's also humble enough to accept reminders about my needs without getting defensive.

If I need him, he is there. He takes care of me, supports me, prioritizes our relationship, and helps with the home and our children.

And, seriously, he is the single most responsible person I've ever met. He honors his commitments and accepts his duties without complaint.

Ah heck. I'm feeling so warm and fuzzy now that I think I'll save the rest of the list for another day!

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