You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. (John 8:32)

How many men does it take to change a
light bulb?
Doug is leaving for another business trip tomorrow. Boo!

Now that the kids are older, these trips aren't as bad as they used to be. I still don't like them though. It's not so much Doug's absence (we are big kids. we can handle being separated for a week or two.) as it is the knowledge that he is literally on the other side of the world.

If something were to go wrong here, it would take hours to get in touch with him and then it would take at least another day for him to get home. And, if I really let myself get paranoid, I think about what could happen if something catastrophic happened.

For example, if there were another terrorist attack or war, and air travel got shut down. Eek! It's best not to let myself go there...

The kids are not happy about this either. During our Bible Time at the beginning of school today, we were talking about worry. I had the kids draw a picture of something that they worry about. Lila drew herself crying and watching Doug fly away in an airplane.


For the record, I do not share any of my paranoid worries with the kids. I sympathize with their sadness at Doug's absence and try to help us all look at the bright side. Coming up with clever little surprises for him to find when he gets home is often a helpful diversion.

Of course, I do miss my husband. I can be totally fine all day long, but going to bed alone makes me so sad! We don't snuggle - or even touch each other - in our sleep. (Good heavens, no. That man is like a blast furnace.) I can just sense the gaping void on the other side of the bed!

Anyway, he leaves tomorrow and returns on February 11th. I could go on about all the reasons I dislike these trips, but it's really rather pointless. And you might end up hearing about them after he's gone. After all, I'll need someone to unload on after a long day of herding cats!

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