Lila has gotten her first two teeth! The first one broke the surface on Monday and the second one came through yesterday. They are still just little nubs right now, so they are hard to see. If she's smiling or crying you can catch a glimpse of them. I've tried pulling her lip down a bit to look at them, but as soon as you do that the tongue comes out and you can't see anything else!

Doug and I have officially paid off our house and are now debt free! Woah! This is a huge *huge* blessing from God. Doug felt challenged five years ago to pay off his house early and was able to throw a lot of extra money at it for a while (roommates' rent went to the loan). Once we got married, and then I got laid off, that changed. But God really worked things in an amazing way to allow us to pay it off in just under 5 years anyway! Go God! :)

When I joined the gym recently, I got 5 free sessions with a personal trainer (well, not FREE really, but included). I had my first real work-out with her today and that woman ain't messing around. By the time she was done with me, I felt like I was going to collapse just trying to carry Lila out to the car. I was very glad that it was time for her to take a nap when we got home so that my arms could recuperate!

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Congrats on paying off the house. That is SOOO awesome. We should celebrate. :0) We should celebrate your birthday too. Happy Birthday!