For those who don't already know, I'm about to start facilitating (with another person, initially) a new small group. It will be a part of the Support & Recovery ministry at the church, which "provides a 'safe & supportive place' for individuals that want to deal with their own issues of depression, divorce, substance abuse, domestic violence, and sexual abuse." I'm very excited! Please pray for our group!

This week got off to a rather slow start, but it's picking up. I just woke up on Monday with a total "blah" feeling and it stuck with me all day. I have a theory that it might be related to an above average consumption of caffiene/sugar the day before, but it's just a theory. Anyway, I was feeling much better by yesterday, which is good since it was a *busy* day!

The month of birthdays has begun for our family. My mother's birthday was on Monday - Happy Birthday Mama! And my sister-in-law's birthday was yesterday - Happy Birthday Megan! There is another person you know with a birthday this month, but she, in all her glorious wonderfulness, shall remain nameless...

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