A bird pooped on my baby this weekend. A friend was watching her while Doug and I went on a date (more about that later) and a bird pooped on her arm! Eww! And, as if she hasn't had enough drama lately, we were hanging out on the back porch on Saturday evening and the mosquitos decided to have a Lila feast! They didn't touch us, but she's got half a dozen bites on her legs and some of them are quite big and red. Poor girl! :( Not that she seems to be at all bothered by them...

But about that date! On Saturday, we went out for lunch and then painted ceramics. I had never done that before and wanted to try. It was so fun! I painted a pillar candle holder and Doug did a vase. I'm so excited to see how they turned out! They are being glazed and fired and we get to pick them up on Wednesday afternoon. That is, if I have time to drive down there to get them. The place was about 20 minutes away. There are probably places closer where we could have done it, but we had a coupon for this one. Well, I'd better go give this Chicken some milk! :)

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