Lila has been a *pill* for the past few days! She's just been SO fussy and for no apparent reason, I now know. I took her to the pediatrician this morning who said that her ears look great (has been on antibiotics for an ear infection for a week) and there's no sign of active teething or any other problem. She's just a Crazy Chicken!

Actually, one theory is that she's getting bored during the day with only me to play with. Doug was home with us for the better part of two weeks due to his kidney stone trouble. Now that he's gone back to work, maybe she's jonesing for her Daddy? Her mood does improve dramatically once he gets home from work... She also had four days of grandparents toward the end of last week. My little social butterfly. :)

She and I went out to lunch with a friend and her daughters on Wednesday and Lila got her first teething biscuit while we were there. She loved it! It kept her totally entertained until she dropped it on the floor and I couldn't give it back to her. I also learned that I need to keep a bib in her bag for these occasions because those things are messy!

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