Unfortunately, I'm still sick. I was actually in the emergency room on Saturday night because the doctor was concerned about how high my temperature was and her office obviously was not open. It took them three pokes, two nurses, and one big bruise to get an IV in me (so they could give me fluids - i was dehydrated) and they still had to stick me a fourth time to get blood for cultures.

After all of that and them sticking things down my throat and up my nose, they were able to tell me that it's not the flu or strep throat, it doesn't look like a breast infection, and my blood tests were all normal. Three and a half hours of torture so they could tell me "We don't know." Oh well. Lila was a total trooper through the whole thing, even when I had to nurse her while walking and then having my blood pressure and temperature taken. Exciting times! :o)~


Anonymous said...

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michele said...

yikes. I see why you couldn't make it to girls time Sunday. We missed ya. Nursing while walking - yikes! You are very talented even while sick.