Lila is six weeks old now (as of last night)! And, of course, she's still adorable! She's turning out to be a morning person, at least so far. She wakes up in the morning all smiles and coos and squeals. She definitely recognizes us and gives us big intentional smiles now. Daddy gets more smiles than I do, but that's to be expected.

She's very aware these days. If she hears a new voice, she'll look for the source of it and check out the new person! She can hold her head up and move it around like a big girl now. Of course, she still gets tired quickly, but she's getting stronger every day! I think she's starting to discover that her hands belong to her and are always attached to her arms. She's managed to get a hand to her mouth several times in the past few days. Babies are so cool! :)

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