It would seem that I have another breast infection. Blah.

This is exciting though - Lila laughed yesterday! It wasn't a chuckle, but it was definitely a laugh. Big open-mouthed grin and a "haaa". Way too cute! We spent about 15 minutes last night trying to get her to do it again (because, of course, her first time was while daddy was at work), but she wasn't interested in performing for us. She finally did it again this morning though.

She's definitely a morning person. When she wakes up for her 7ish feeding, I'll nurse her and then hand her off to Doug. He changes her and then gets some good Daddy play time before he has to go to work. She's all smiles and flailing limbs and very cute! It's a good thing because when he comes home in the evening she's usually tired and kind of grumpy. :)

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