Here's a funny Lila story (hopefully it will be as funny in the telling as it was when it actually happened) - When we put her down to sleep, we swaddle her up into a little baby burrito and put her on her back on a sleep positioner (a covered foam pad with wedges on each side to snuggle her between so she can't roll over). Then we sometimes put a second blanket over her up to her shoulders and tuck the sides under the sleep positioner so it doesn't get pushed to the side when she starts wiggling.

Wow, that's a lot of background information! Here's the actual story part: A couple of nights ago, Doug and I were cleaning up after dinner and we heard her start announcing that she was awake and would like some attention. I went into her room to get her and for just a moment I thought she wasn't in the bed. "Where's the baby?!?" Then I realized that she had managed to squirm down on the sleep positioner until her head was completely under the blanket that was tucked over the top!

I assure you, it was very funny. Maybe if I had taken a picture... :)

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