Breast infections were conceived in the fiery depths of *hell*.

My whole body either aches or has sharp pains shooting through it. My skin is extra sensitive to the touch from head to toe. Breastfeeding feels like someone is ripping my nipples off. My eyes feel like they're baking in their sockets, but I'm freezing cold. Every time I stand up, the whole world moves on me. My throat is so dry that no amount of water can quench my thirst. On top of all that, I was having trouble going to sleep because I was afraid my temperature would continue to rise and cook my brain. It was up to 102 when I went to bed and that's with antibiotics and a couple of Tylenol in my system. I am pleased to report that it is down to 101 after laying in bed for a while, so I guess it's safe to sleep after all. I was having paranoid visions of having to be taken to the emergency room in the wee hours of morning and trying to figure out how to get Lila fed and get someone to come and take care of her so she didn't have to be in the disease-ridden hospital with me.

In short, I do not recommend getting one for yourself.

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