Easter Recap

We were finally starting to finish off some of the candy from Valentine's Day... and Easter happened. We kept the candy in our eggs to a minimum (did half real eggs and half candy-stuffed ones), but there's still the candy they got from Grammie and what was left in the pantry. I wonder if I could convince the kids that a tornado blew through Austin while they were sleeping and ONLY carried off the candy from our pantry...

Aside from the excess of crack candy, we had a lovely Easter weekend! Friday and Monday were both school holidays, so it was also a long weekend. We used Friday, plus about one hour on Monday, to catch up on our schoolwork. Yay! [happy dances] [pretending to forget that we did not make it through all our work today] [humming to self and rocking from side to side]

Saturday was egg dyeing day and attending an Easter service. Austin Ridge had two services on Saturday evening and two on Sunday morning. Since Doug and I were both serving at church on Sunday morning, we attended on Saturday evening. After church, we had a lovely dinner at The Grove. Sunday morning was church again - Doug ran sound for the 3rd/4th/5th graders and I worked in Glory Kids - then home for lunch and Easter egg hunting.

We had dinner at Joe and Irene's in the evening, then came home and crashed! Doug was back at work on Monday, but the kids and I spent the whole day running errands and taking care of various chores. Today, it was back to life as normal. And, as in years past, the kids have re-hidden and re-found the eggs multiple times since the initial hunt. I have requested, several times, that the candy stay in the kitchen when the eggs get hidden, but Eli keeps "forgetting" that detail.

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