35 Reasons I'm Glad to be 35

1. I am through with being pregnant and giving birth.
2. 5 is my favorite number and 7 is the number used in the Bible to represent perfection.
7 x 5 = 35
3. I no longer believe that I'm defined by what other people think of me.
4. I find new ways to crack myself up every day.
5. My "toolbox" for dealing with bouts of depression is full to overflowing.
6. I usually like who I am.
7. I can say that I've been married for a decade.
8. I can say that I've been a child of God for 16 years.
9. I've learned that having courage does not mean that you aren't afraid.
10. I finally believe that my butt is appealing and not just big.
11. I have started to develop wing flaps under my arms, meaning that soon I will not need air bags on the passenger side of my vehicle.
12. I am finally aware of my gluten intolerance, meaning that I no longer have to suffer from fatigue and pain.
13. I can now be wildly and proudly out-of-touch when talking to teenagers.
14. I have two of the most amazing kids on the planet.
15. I no longer have to change those amazing children's diapers.
16. I have had the time to figure out what I believe about a lot of things.
17. I'm (almost) comfortable with admitting that I don't know what to believe about some things.
18. I'm only halfway through this list.
19. I have almost recovered from junior high.
20. I'm one year closer to heaven.
21. DVR exists and I have one.
22. I finally discovered that I love fresh cherries.
23. I have found great relief from my allergies... through nutrition!
24. I finally own a guinea pig.
25. I have uncovered my crafty side.
26. I am learning, at long last, what it means to stay connected to God throughout the day.
27. When I am entering my age and weight info into the treadmill, I can push the down button one less time.
28. I have lived in Austin long enough to complete my metamorphosis into an Austin Hippie.
29. I can almost say that I've lived in Austin for half my life.
30. I've discovered that I love kale (when cooked correctly).
31. No one cards me anymore.
32. I almost have enough freckles on my arms to give the impression of a tan.
33. I'm starting to get freckles on my legs too, so I can look forward to a faux tan on them in a few years.
34. I get to constantly exasperate my husband with my complete and illogical inability to remember how to "properly" set a table.
35. I get to lose at Jenga to a child 1/7 my age.

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