By my 36th Birthday...

...I'd like to have:

1. Hair that is all one color. Specifically, my natural color. (The roots are currently 3 inches long.)
2. A well-established Bible study/small group meeting in my home.
3. Visibly larger arm muscles.
4. A good handle on how to homeschool two children (in two different grades) at once.
5. The same amount of wrinkles that I currently have - no more!
6. A regular date-night with my husband, every two weeks.
7. A brand of deodorant that I actually like. One that works well, but doesn't leave me afraid that I'm poisoning myself.
8. A consistent and effective method for keeping our laundry under control. (Baby steps.)
9. A place to go for a gluten-free gyro.
10. At least one new friend, whom I see on a regular basis.

Behold the White Paw of Cuteness!

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