You'll thank me later.

Gypsy says, "Don't argue with your mother!"
I'd like to say that the Expectation Chart has revolutionized our world overnight, but that would be a lie. In fact, I've been experiencing some pretty serious backlash from it. And I'm discovering how very hard it is for me to avoid nagging and "reminders".

I think it's reasonable to remind the children what's expected of them at the beginning of the day and after rest time. Maybe that's even too much (the kids would definitely say so), but I see it as covering my own butt.

If I speak my expectations out loud, then no one can claim ignorance later. Well, they can try, but I'll know they're full of hot air. What seems to be going on right now is some hard-core boundary-testing. "If I refuse to get dressed and only do half my school work for the morning, will she really not let me watch Morning Video?" Here's your answer, Dear One: In this house, you only get privileges if you take care of your responsibilities.

I know it hasn't always been that way, but we're making a change for your good. I will defeat this beast we call Entitlement. The whole friggin' country is suffering from it, but I'm not going to sit idly by and wonder why. I'm going to fight back! If you want something, then work for it! We live an absurdly cushy life as it is. I am quite confident that my expectations for you are not too high. If anything, they are still too low.

To quote generations of mothers across the globe, "You'll thank me later."

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