A Teenager and A Ringwraith

I love this photo. It's Lila, dressed as Cindy Lou Who, trying to force her brother to take a picture with her. He was clearly not interested, but she wasn't taking "no" for an answer. This was the best shot I got. By the third photo, they were both on the ground and she had him in a headlock! To make things even better, they were in the middle of Lila's classroom. At least they were doing it all with smiles on their faces.

These guys have been seriously... refining me this week.

Lila's been copping a teenager-level attitude with me. Sometimes I am able to maintain my composure and politely ask her to use a more respectful tone (and word choice) with me. At other times, I cop an attitude right back. Obviously, I strive for the former response. The latter usually does not end well. For example:

Me: "Okay guys, it's bath time!"
Lila: [hands on hips] "I am not going to take a bath!"
Me: "Don't tell me what you are NOT going to do!"
[Begin downward spiral.]

When Eli was a toddler, he used to make this noise (particularly in the car) that sounded exactly like the shriek of a Ring Wraith. I must say, the sound became much more tolerable after we made that connection and I would occasionally even begin to giggle when he did it. But I digress...

The point is that he has rediscovered that sound and begun using it again... every time we tell him something he doesn't want to hear. For example:

Eli: "What can I have to eat?"
Me: "Well, you've already had a snack and it's not lunchtime yet, so you can have fruit, nuts, or--"
[Begin brain explosion.]

I really really really hope that this week goes more smoothly. For everyone's sake.

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Susan Jordan said...

Now I see what a Ring Wraith is. Or rather, what it sounds like. Is that anything like a banshee?