About Lila

For those who are curious, here is the Core Teacher Commentary from Lila's report card for this term:

Lila is doing such a nice job in 1st grade. She is a wonderful reader, consistently performs well on spelling assessments, and is a kind friend to her classmates. As you know, handwriting is a struggle for Lila. Let's just keep encouraging her! I would also like for Lila to focus on math facts this last trimester, especially addition. We would like for her to be able to solve 35 problems in 2 minutes by the end of the year and she is not there yet. Consistency is the key. Keep up the hard work!
Today was Dr. Seuss day in 1st grade. All the students were to choose a character from a Dr. Seuss book, memorize 4-6 lines from that character, dress like the character, then recite the lines in front of the class. Lila (with some encouragement from me) chose to be Cindy Lou Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the book and/or old cartoon - NOT that obnoxious movie).

She did a fantastic job and she made the cutest stinking Cindy Lou Who you've ever seen! I will post photos as soon as I have uploaded them to the computer. The photo you see here is the result of sleeping in sponge rollers overnight. Lila found them in a drawer last week and requested that we use them to give her curly hair for Easter. The classy shirt she's wearing with those adorable curls is a novelty tee from Panama City Beach, FL.

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